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Every year, The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association Junior Golf Program holds monthly outings and clinics for boys and girls age 7-21 who are blind or visually impaired. All skill levels are welcome, and the clinics are free.


Sponsored by The Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association, the Junior Golf Program provides each player with a PGA teacher who will give lessons at a golf course near players’ houses. They also provide the player with golf clubs, golf balls and a golf bag.


“Our goal is to teach kids golf, but also to provide a fun-filled day for our families,” says Mike Molloy, Program Director of the Junior Program. “Our success is measured in smiles.”
Without the help of local golf clubs and PGA professionals, the Junior Golf program would not exist. Local clubs donate course time and the Junior Golf Program brings in volunteers who work individually or with small groups of junior blind golfers. Sometimes the sponsoring club also donates the time of the club’s golf pro or assistant who gives a short lesson or floats from group to group, offering advice and encouragement.


Sometimes the outings focus on a particular skill, such as chipping or putting. Other times the junior golfers work their way through a few holes. The junior golfers usually play for about two hours and then sit down to an informal meal together, where families have an invaluable opportunity to network.

“Making a positive impact though golf with MABGA is a highlight every year on our calendar,” says Makefield Highlands PGA Director of Golf, David Smith. “Our team here is excited to work with the students from MABGA because the vision that these students possess comes from the heart and mind. It’s a day all golfers should witness. Please come out and experience the joy.”


If you are interested in learning to play golf, like to have fun and would like more information, please contact Michael Molloy at 215 499-0599 or mgmolloy@aol.com.